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StartUpSmia incubator

Join our Incubator and profit from desk space, coaching, community, facility access and more!

Do you want to develop an idea or a concept? The incubator is for early stage startup ideas taking your startup idea to first prototype, initial business model, and finding your first costumer and funding.

Why join?

  • Access to the shared office space at BIT innovation centre. Here you can work with you team 24/7 alongside other ambitious teams.

  • Access to the workshops, meeting rooms and other facilities at BIT innovation centre.

  • Regular meetings with a start-up coach from StartUpSmia

  • Weekly meet-ups with externals and your fellow Incubatees.


How do I sign up and when is the next deadline?

You apply by sending an e-mail market with "🚀Incubation programme - second cohort" to eva.nagelhus@nmbu. In the email you need to answer 3 questions: What is the problem you want  to solve? How do you want to solve it? And why do you (and your team) want ot solve it?

Next application deadline: April 1st, 2024

After applying the best candidates will be invited for an interview before final selection.

How do we evaluate applicants?


 We evaluate your application based on

  • Team & Motivation: Do you have a dedicated team who are committed to the project, open-minded and eager to learn?

  • Feasibility: Is the startup idea technically and commercially feasible and realizable?

  • Impact: Is it clear how your startup idea will benefit society, e.g in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals? 

  • Diversity: Do you have a diverse team (in terms of gender and competence profiles)

Start-ups will get access to the incubator for 3 months at a time, and there will be quarterly performance reviews. If a start-up does not work seriously with their project, or if they are not contributing to the community, the contract will not be prolonged. 

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