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Innovation sprint spring 2024

Do you want to part-take in solving the problems our society is facing? On this six-day innovation sprint, we provide you with the tools for problemsolving and business-development. We match you with a team, where you solve a problem our society is facing! You can read about the problems we will be working with in the application form. If there is a specific problem you want to solve (which is not on the list), e-mail us at and we will add it). When the sprint is finnished chosen teams will get up to 25.000 to develop their idea further. The innovation sprint is fun, and for anyone interested in changing the world through entreprenourship. It lasts over six evenings, with the following program: 

kl: 16-21

Concretise your idea

Based on your application we match you with a team who will develop an idea together. We spend the first day concretizing the idea at BIT innovation centre. What is the root of the problem? How can you as a group solve this problem? Which knowledge and network do you have to solve it?  

We will have communcal dinner.

kl 16-20

How do we solve the problem?

How do we want to solve the problem? And what's the least we can do to test if their solution actually fixes the problem? Day 2 is spent creating a "minimum viable product". If desired, it will be possible to bring in new group members. 


We will meet at the innovation centre at Rådhusplassen 27, and dinner will be served. 

kl 16-20

Does our solution work?

We know what problem we want to solve. We think we know how to solve it - but does it actually work? We will get insights from potential costumers? 

kl 16-21

How do we explain our solution?

We have found a way to solve a pressuring problem in society - now it is time to get it our in society! To do so we need to learn how to explain our idea with few words, in a way that people believe we have the best solution, and is the best team to solve the idea. 

kl 17-21

Pitch your idea at the changemaking festival

Can your solution change the world? We invite you to pitch your idea at the changemaking festival at NMBU. 

kl 17-21

Final pitch

All teams gather to pitch their ideas in front of a jury. The jury consists of students who went through the innovation sprint last year. After the pitches, there will be a dinner at Blender Collective.

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