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what is an 


There is a saying, that who and what we surround ourselves with is who and what we become. Thats why we have created the entrepreneurial living comminty. 

Who is it for? 

You want to change the status quo, and you want to support others in doing so as well. 

The Community

Our community will be there to motivate you when you need a challenge and support you when you need a pick-me-up. And we’ll also be there to celebrate your many successes!

Co-living and BIT Innovation Centre

This is not an ordinary dorm. You get special access to the facilities at BIT innovation centre, which is located in the floor below. This means you get a place to study, acces community events and when you have a project you want to work on

- this is your place! We provide you with network and personal mentors through StartUpSmia. 

How to apply to the entrepreneurial living community: 

We are doing a lean approach to developing the entrepreneurial living community.


You must therefore apply to one of these appartments and send an e-mail about you and why you want to live in the entrepreneurial living community (maximum 200 words). Send the email to and we will contact you with more information. 

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